IACP Blog ยป Blogroll of the Dice #5! A Look at Members’ Blogs

Blogroll of the Dice #5! A Look at Members’ Blogs

November 27th, 2013Posted by: Margaret Crable

Happy Thanksgiving IACP Members! We're bringing you a recipe for turkey skin cracklins, portable appetizers, and a long article on pigeons that will make for a great fireside read, all from IACP members. We're always excited about what our members are up to and we love to get others excited too! We encourage you to like their posts, provide some feedback and follow along as they continue writing about their culinary adventures.

Congratulations to Jamie Schler on her recent article The Man Who Spoke to Pigeons: Rémy Anézo and Les Pigeons de Mesquer which was published in the Modern Farmer this month. Jamie gives some background to the article on her blog, Life’s a Feast, taking us out to the tranquil French countryside where she interviewed Rémy Anézo on his small farm where he raises organic pigeons prized by chefs. Jamie's thoughts on the pigeon's dual reputation as both dirty scavenger and culinary delicacy are the perfect read for a long holiday weekend. Click here for the complete post.

For those who are being hosted rather than hosting for Thanksgiving, we recommend you check out Bryn Mooth’s post on perfect portable appetizers on her blog writes4food. From savory goat cheese grape “truffles” to salty black olive breadsticks, she’s got all your snack recipes covered. 


If you need new ideas for what to do with the odds and ends left over after Thanksgiving, cookbook author and blogger at Carbwars Judy Baker has written up a crunchy, delicious (and carb free!) recipe for cracklins made out of turkey skin. For what to do with the rest of the bird, check out her bone broth recipe that makes handy portable soup cubes.


Are you an IACP member? Want to be showcased on our weekly blogroll spotlight? Send links to your blogs to margaret@iacp.com for your chance to be featured.

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