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Thinking About Becoming a Board Member?

November 17th, 2012Posted by: Martha Holmberg

Why You Should Consider
Running for the IACP Board of Directors

A letter from Scott Givot, and a link to submit your nomination.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Why would anyone, let alone you, want to run for the board of the IACP? Allow me to illustrate a few reasons through my personal story.

In January 2010, I was diagnosed with an incurable cancer of the bone, multiple myeloma. Needless to say, this message reverberated through my whole being and I was compelled to reflect on my entire life. I realized that a significant chunk of my existence on earth has been profoundly influenced by my relationship with IACP. It all commenced with my initiation of membership in 1989, when IACP welcomed me as a ready player and gave me immediate connection to this global food community. IACP was clearly unique in that the diversity of its population set it off from any other organization I was acquainted with. These relationships became the basis for lifetime friendships and the advancement of my professional career. So powerful was this entry that it totally altered my livelihood, and eventually allowed me to create a new life in a new land.

Once it had been established that IACP was, indeed, the lifeline to my own future, I rose to the call for nominations. Endorsement by current board members to run for a role of leadership provided me with enough confidence to make “the leap of faith.” I realized a feeling of empowerment, along with the possibility to be the driver of not only my own future’s course, but that of the association I came to love. I was on the brink of finding MY VOICE and the opportunity to express it in a powerful way. My time had arrived to exercise influence and work in a democratic system of governance.

I served six years on the IACP Board, including the ultimate accomplishment of acting as President. The current position and exact coordinates of the organization shaped our board’s mission for the given times. In order to exist and thrive in the future, it was necessary to create financial lucidity. So as not to face extinction like the fate of the dinosaur, we needed to reinvent an organization, which appealed to the up and coming generation of the culinary world. Finally our annual congress would need to provide a stage for upholding aspects of our greatest core values, connectivity through networking opportunities. Although the reality of my tenure on the board was nothing like what I imagined it to be, I can’t imagine a greater investment and return than from the passage of time in which I served.

IACP needs strong leadership and vision. Now that we are self-managed, the call for great administrators, mentors and diplomatic talent for drawing our food community together and leading us into the future is stronger than ever. The
investment in personal time and energy may appear daunting, however the return is potentially of equal, if not greater, value. It’s an experience that has deeply enriched my life and it is with strong conviction that it will be likewise for those who hear a similar calling from the heart.

Kind Regards,
Scott Givot

To recommend another member to the Nominating Committee, please contact Immediate Past President Cynthia Nims at cynthia@cynthianims.com


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