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Doug Duda

President; Special Recognition Awards Committee Chair

Doug Duda is the founder of DemoGraph, a consultancy that helps clients apply the sizzle of the culinary world to their brand aspirations.

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His work over the past 25 years stretches from business plan development for the Food Network start-up to creation of Astor Center, Miami Culinary Institute, and other state-of-the-art food and beverage event and education centers around the country.

Doug is the producer and host of the A&E International television series, The Well-Seasoned Traveler, devoted to the exploration of world culture through food and drink. He has also produced and hosted live culinary travel showcases for the Miami Herald, Boston Globe, and Atlanta Constitution, as well as Taste Of The World, the country¹s largest culinary travel showcase, for The New York Times.

Doug¹s culinary stations include the Spiral Restaurant in Miami (1972), the Pato Rojo in Punta Umbria, Spain (1975), and the original Legal Seafoods in Cambridge, Massachusetts (1978). He was a personal chef during graduate school (1983 to 1985) and created and ran The Bee, a prototype food service for residential communities, in Miami Beach (1997).

He received a law degree at Boston University and an MBA at Harvard Business School, and his food-focused consulting practice has performed work for Food Network; Copia: The American Center for Wine, Food, and the Arts; Wild Thymes specialty foods; Astor Wine & Spirits; and a number of venture capital firms seeking advice on food and beverage industry investments.

Doug serves as a member of the Board of the Northeast Organic Farming Association in New Jersey, and is an active chef educator in schoolyard gardens and farm-to-fork programs around the country. He is also a Board member and Secretary of the American Friends of the Oxford Symposium, as well as a regular symposiast.

Doug became a member of IACP in 2002 and Chair of the Food History section in 2006. Doug has also served IACP as the Audit & Finance Committee Chair and the Strategic Alliance Task Force Co-Chair.

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