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CCP Certification

The Certified Culinary Professional (CCP) program is currently not acccepting new applicants. All prevoius CCP's have received Emeritus status and will remain CCP's with full certification for life. To view a list of these Emeritus members, please click here.



Originally founded by the likes of Jacques Pepin and Julia Child, the IACP’s Certified Culinary Professional (CCP) program is one of the most prestigious certifications in the culinary industry today.  Unlike other certifications which test hands-on skills or a narrowly focused knowledge base, the CCP demonstrates broad culinary knowledge across an array of culinary focuses.

"To be recognized by your peers is the ultimate accomplishment and getting your CCP gets you that satisfaction." - Jacques Pepin, International chef, tv personality and author

"Within the IACP community, the CCP is an indication of your stature as a knowledgeable and experienced culinary professional. Outside IACP, attaching CCP to your name is evidence that you have achieved a professional milestone." - Sheila Crye, CCP, youth culinary educator

"Maintaining my CCP status has been a great incentive to continue learning and looking for new ways to serve the community and broaden my professional experience. It has led me to many new places, literally and figuratively." - Gail Bellamy, PhD, CCP, executive food editor, Restaurant Hospitality.

How the Program Works

This program is currently inactive. If you have questions please contact David Bonom at davidbonom@chefdave.net or the program administrator, Shani Phelan at shani@iacp.com.


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