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Our Sponsors

We are deeply grateful for the support that our sponsors provide at our annual conference and towards IACP programming throughout the year. Thank you!


















Current Sponsors

We are deeply grateful for the support of those companies and individuals who are sponsoring IACP's 36th Annual Conference in Chicago, March 14th - March 17th, 2014. Thank you!



















      Thank you
    Golden Gate





If you're interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities for IACP, contact Meredith Deeds to design a partnership package tailored to your marketing needs.

2012 Sponsors

We are deeply grateful for the support of those companies and individuals who sponsored IACP's 34th Annual Conference in New York City, March 29 - April 2, 2012. Thank you!

If you're interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities for IACP, contact Diane Laster, of Laster Heathman Media, to design a partnership package tailored to your marketing needs.











2015-2016 Partner Program

Learn more about sponsorship and advertising opportunities for the coming year, both at our Annual Conference and year-round.

Our 38th Annual Conference will be in Los Angeles, C.A.!

Dates: April 1 - 3, 2016

The IACP Annual Conference is among the premier professionally focused educational and networking events in the food world. It’s here where companies showcase new technologies, where experts debate and discuss new trends, and where a wide-ranging group of experts from around the world gather to network and exchange information.  And with large events like the Host City Party, the Creative Showcase, and the IACP Awards, the IACP is an ideal forum to reach a wide audience of culinary influencers.

Partner Year-Round

Year-round opportunities include, among others:

  • Advertising or sponsored content  in our monthly news blasts to IACP membership
  • Branded email blasts to IACP membership
  • The Culinary Trust sponsorships
  • Sponsoring our popular Speaker Series
  • Customized partnerships

For the 2015-2016 Media Kit, or for more information on partner opportunities, contact Doug Duda, Director of Strategic Alliances and Business Development, at



Logo Use Guidelines

First, thanks in advance for your support of IACP! All IACP members are encouraged  to use the IACP logo in conjunction with advertising, promotions, websites, and other business communications.

All we ask is that you abide by the following guidelines, on the honor system:

  • Again, only IACP members in good standing may use the IACP logo.
  • It is not necessary to obtain advance approval from IACP to use the logo, unless you feel uncertain about whether your usage will violate these guidelines.
  • The IACP logo can be used on business materials, such as letterhead, catalogs, brochures, advertising, websites, business cards, social media platforms, and so forth, to indicate IACP membership or partnership (i.e., sponsorship, advertising, or other support of IACP).
  • While the IACP logo may be used on marketing materials, it should not be used on contracts or items for sale, such as cookbooks.
  • Under no circumstances may any member use the IACP logo in such a manner that the sponsorship, endorsement, approval, or sanction of IACP could be construed.
  • No member may redraw, reshape, trace, tilt, intersect, or photographically alter or distort the IACP logo. It may not be outlined, combined with any other symbol, or reversed out of a photographic or pictorial background.
  • IACP reserves the right to determine in each case whether the logo is being properly used to indicate membership or partnership. If IACP determines that the logo is being improperly used, IACP reserves the right to deny use of it.
  • Upon termination of IACP membership or partnership, individuals and companies must immediately cease use of the IACP logo.

Questions about use of the IACP logo?

Shani Phelan, Member Programs and Operations Manager
Phone: (646) 358-4957; (866) 358-4951

2011 Sponsors

We are deeply grateful for the support of those companies and individuals who sponsored IACP's 33rd Annual Conference in Austin, Texas, USA, June, 2011. Thank you!

If you're interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities for IACP's 35th Annual Conference in San Francisco, Spring 2013, or year-round partnering opportunities, please refer to information to the right. Or contact Margaret Bradley Foley, Director of Sponsorship, to design a partnership package tailored to your marketing needs.





The Culinary Institute of America


Eat Your Books

Idaho Potato Commission


Le Cordon Bleu

USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council



The International Culinary Center

The Culinary Trust Sponors






Show your love! Spread the IACP message by posting our logo on your site and social media pages.

Take your pick of three logos styles, below. But before you post, be sure to read our logo use guidelines.

Standard Logo

182 x 162 pixels, 72 dpi
Download now!

Member Badge

203 x 160 pixels, 72 dpi
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Thanks to the many IACP members who have contributed to our new site!

Feedback and contributions are always welcome, so please email our Website Committee Chair, below, with any comments or ideas. Also, special thanks to TheRecipeManager for its generous underwriting of this project, and to Jae Barclay, of ejae design, for taking the Website Committee's ideas from design through programming to fruition.

Website Committee

  • Judith Klinger, Chair/Board Liaison; email Judith
  • Julia M. Usher, Past Board Liaison 
  • Amy Collins
  • Paulette Phlipot
  • Virginia Willis


  • Marie Asselin
  • Dan Kohler
  • Leah Mann
  • Tara Mataraza Desmond


"Supper Club" by Jody Horton (Winner, 2011 Photography Contest, Best of Show and  People's Choice Awards)

"Family" by Lars Røtterud (Kids in the Kitchen, Chefs Move to Schools event, 33rd Annual Conference, June 2011)
"Renegade Kitchen Dan and Kids" by Michelle Stern (Kids in the Kitchen, Chefs Move to Schools event, 33rd Annual Conference, June 2011)
"Watching the Eggs Cook" by Michelle Stern (Kids in the Kitchen, Chefs Move to Schools event, 33rd Annual Conference, June 2011)
"Kids in the Kitchen with Dan" by Michelle Stern (Kids in the Kitchen, Chefs Move to Schools event, 33rd Annual Conference, June 2011)
"Chef Andoni Making Miracles" by Elena Hernandez (32nd Annual Conference, Portland, Oregon, USA)
"Fork and Flowers" by Derek Richmond (Chair, Food Photographers & Stylists interest section)
"Over the Line" by Michelle Stern (Kids in the Kitchen event, 32nd Annual Conference, Portland, Oregon, USA)
All "Am I in Fashion?" imagery for the IACP 34th Annual Conference, The Fashion of Food, by Jason Blake
"SeeFood Media Studio" by Jamie Tiampo


Donations & Support

Help The Culinary Trust, IACP's philanthropic partner for almost 30 years, further its mission of providing culinary professionals with the tools and opportunties to learn and act on critical issues in the world of food.

The Culinary Trust (TCT) fulfills its mission through funding cookbook preservation and restoration, grants for hunger alleviation and youth nutrition educational programs, and more than 20 scholarships, grants, and professional development internships each year for culinary students and professionals. To fuel these interests, TCT welcomes volunteer support and charitable contributions of various forms:

For more information or to get involved with the TCT, visit their website or contact:


Volunteer Opportunities

Invest in volunteering and expect to be rewarded many times over, both personally and professionally.  

The heart of a member-based professional association is the membership, and the blood that keeps that heart pumping is member engagement -- members who take leadership positions, share ideas, and otherwise contribute their talents (and a little bit of time) for the good of all the whole organization.

The pay-off for this, of course, is the chance to show off your skills to a wide group of industry peers, the opportunity to meet new people who might play a role in your work down the road, and the general gemutlicht-y feeling that comes from making a difference in your community.

Here are a few ways that people can get involved with IACP right now! And we’re always open to suggestions, so if you’ve got a notion, please pass it on to us!

Send all your comments and questions to Martha Holmberg, CEO, or (503) 467-6121.

Open Volunteer Positions 

Please note: All positions are currently open to IACP members only. 


Speaker Series Team 

One of the most popular programs offered by IACP, Speaker Series webinars are held approximately 3 times per month.


We need people to recruit speakers who are experts in their subject matter, who are engaging and generous speakers (no self-promoters, please!), and who can enlighten and educate our members in ways that will have an impact on their careers. Talent-team members would propose ideas and/or speakers, recruit the speaker, make sure the speaker is prepared and on-topic, and possibly moderate the session, though that’s not required.

Time commitment: Anywhere from a couple of hours to as much time as you’d like to spend on as many good ideas as you have.


Moderators act as the host for the webinar. They need to educate themselves on the background of the speaker and the subject to be discussed. Most of the webinars are structured presentations, hence the moderator doesn’t need to interact too much, though we ask that they prepare a few questions to keep any discussion vibrant and on track.

In some cases, the webinar is actually an interview with someone, in which case we would want a moderator who can handle an hour’s interview. Now’s your chance to be Terry Gross!

Time commitment: Because there’s a bit of training involved (how to use GoToWebinar), we ask that moderators commit to about four webinars per year, at your availability.Total hours might be 10 hours per year.

Speaker Series Presenter

Not quite right as a talent booker or moderator, but feel you have valuable expertise to share as a speaker? Submit your proposal.

To volunteer please contact:

Shani Phelan
IACP Member Programs and Operations Manager


IACP Resource Center Team 

We are beginning a project that will result in a super-useful, IACP member-only database of business development resources. Specifics will include a library of sample contracts, a bi-annual, anonymous rate and salary information survey, and a database of contact information for key industry players, especially literary agents, editors, art directors, brand managers, etc.

Time commitment: Whatever you want to offer. This is a project that can be broken down into small chunks. The specific skills we need are an understanding of media relations, survey creation and management, and a general willingness to poke around to find nuggets of information. Not all in the same person, mind you – this will be a team effort!

To volunteer please contact: 

Margaret Crable
IACP Marketing and Communications Manager


2016 Annual Conference Team 

Speaker Relations Guru

This is a project that will probably require a handful of people so that no one person has a burdensome task. The overall work is about connecting with the speakers (approximately 75), helping them prepare to do great work for us, and making them feel valued and welcome by our members.

Required skills include being a good cruise director, managing details accurately even when they feel like moving targets, enjoying meeting interesting people throughout our industry and beyond, functioning as a part-time psychotherapist every once in awhile, and being a positive, energetic ambassador for IACP.

Editorial Director

This is also a project with many parts, though one central manager with several deputy editors is what we see as the way to go. The manager would, well, manage the components outlined below, as well as create and stick to a timeline, ensure quality and accuracy of work, help create a unified voice for all the conference content. Great job for a newspaper or magazine editor!

Time commitment: Depending on your team-management skills, this could be accomplished with an average of 10 hours a month (or less), with fewer hours during October, ramping up through conference launch in early January, and then just minor maintenance mode until conference in April.

Speaker Asset Manager

This person (or team of people) will collect all the bios, headshots, and social media contact info for conference speakers…which is a task that requires a velvet glove and a sassy whip, cuz people never turn this stuff in on time!

The person will size the photos (easy, we'll show you how), and most importantly, they will edit the bios so they’re the proper length and they highlight all the right aspects. This job markets the speakers, which is an important payback to them, and it also helps attendees understand the value of each speaker.

Time commitment: This job could take up to 20 hours per month, with the work spread over a window from late October up until the end of 2015; speaker content needs to be ready by conference launch in early January. There are occasional updates Jan thru March, as speaker rosters change a bit, but this is minimal. This is a good job for more than one person; don’t feel you’d need to volunteer for the whole gig.

Session Content Manager 

This person (or team of people) will do the final copywriting for each session and event at conference, based on drafts shared by program committee members and staff. You’ll need to dive deep into what’s planned for each session, probably ask a few questions, and then craft language (100-word blurb) that fully expresses the angle and substance of each session. A perfect job for a talented marketer or editor.

Time commitment: the full job will probably take 30 hours total, with the work spread over late October up until the end of 2015; content needs to be ready by conference launch in early January.

Quality Assurance Manager

Our annual conference comprises hundreds of bits of data and they all need to be accurate and consistent. This person would proofread all the final conference information before conference launch on the website (January 2016) and then periodically during registration (Jan thru end of March) to make sure additions and corrections are accurate.

Most of this work relates to information we will publish on the website, but we may also have a printed Awards program that needs proofreading and fact-checking as well. Skills needed here are obsession with accuracy, pleasure at seeking and finding mistakes (and fixing them, of course!), and ability to coordinate with sources to assure the latest information is being published.

Time commitment: Probably 10 hours per month beginning right after New Year’s (or a bit before) through end of March. This job can also be shared.

But wait, there's more! 

We’ll be reaching out to IACP members and other food pros in the Los Angeles area to help with on-the-ground work for conference. Share any LA contacts with us and stay tuned for more opportunities!

To volunteer please contact:

Martha Holmberg



IACP Communications Team 

IACP Blogger 

Come write for the IACP blog! We're looking for members who'd like to contribute articles, a quarterly column, or who would like to take on writing assignments such a profiling new members or crafting a montly blogroll. Pitch us your ideas!

Time commitment: Flexible. You can contribute on a regular basis, or just work on a one-time assignment. 

Facebook and Linkedin Group Admins

Help us moderate and keep our online groups lively. This is a good task for someone comfortable with social media and who enjoys starting conversations. We welcome ideas to keep the groups fresh so if you've moderated an online forun or group before, we invite you to share your expertise!  

Time commitment: We'd ask you to check in on the group on a weekly basis to keep things running smoothly.

To volunteer please contact:

Margaret Crable
IACP Marketing and Communications Manager



Test Kitchen Professionals Interest Section

Section Chair or Co-chair

Lead or co-lead the TKP section to meet member needs and advocate for programming and networking opportunities within IACP.

Speaker Series Coordinator

Volunteer(s) will submit test kitchen speaker series ideas to the Education Committee for approval; will recruit speakers, schedule and moderate webinars for 2015. Goal is to schedule 4/year.

To volunteer please contact:

Amber Hanson
TKP Interest Section Co-Chair

Beth Somers
TKP Interest Section Co-Chair



Partner with IACP

Sponsorship & Advertising

The IACP Partner Program provides a unique opportunity to present your product or service to some of the most recognized, respected, and influential food personalities and newsmakers in the world - not only at our Annual Conference, but year-round.

IACP members number more than 2,000 and span virtually every culinary discipline: food writers, publishers and editors, cookbook authors, food photographers and stylists, TV personalities, cooking teachers, publicists, chefs, and restaurateurs—literally a "Who's Who" in the world of food. Through their newspaper and magazine articles, cooking classes, and television and personal appearances, these professionals influence the opinions and buying habits of millions of other culinary professionals and consumers.

An IACP partnership through sponsorship and/or a traditional or new media buy is an unparalleled way to raise brand visibility among these leaders and to extend your franchise into those audiences they engage. Some 30 partnership opportunities are offered at our Annual Conference, in addition to year-round exposure on our website, in our newsletters, and through eblasts and social media platforms. Customized and multiple-year sponsorship packages can also be tailored to your unique marketing needs. And remember: when you join the IACP Partner Program, you not only meet our members, but you also meet our sponsors — definitively the world's most prominent culinary businesses and institutions.

To discuss partnering opportunities or to request more information and our 2014-15 Media Kit, please contact:

Doug Duda
Director of Strategic Alliances and Business Development
Phone: (646) 358-4957 x 107

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