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Volunteer Opportunities

Invest in volunteering and expect to be rewarded many times over, both personally and professionally.  

As with any organization or endeavor, you get out of IACP what you put into it. There are countless ways to get involved and make a difference – and to learn from some of the culinary industry's brightest stars in the process!

Open Positions 

Please note: Our positions are currently open to IACP members only. 


IACP Mentors

Lend a hand, and volunteer to mentor a fellow member in your area of expertise.

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Host City Reception Planner 

Help plan our Opening Night Reception, one of the biggest and most anticipated evening events of IACP conference.

Contact: Kendra McMurray |


Optional Tour Planners 

Know all the best parts of D.C? Help develop city tour ideas, and work to secure tour operators and venues.

Contact: Kendra McMurray |



D.C Concierge Crew 

Help create restaurant guides, transportation guides, and other helpful tools for out of town conference attendees.

Contact: Kendra McMurray |


On-Site Volunteers 

If you live in the area or are planning to attend conference, come volunteer on the ground. Help direct attendee traffic monitor sessions, and answer attendee questions.

Contact: Kendra McMurray |



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