Please carefully read these guidelines for the 2019 Cookbook Awards. For any questions about the submission process, contact Paola Briseño González at


Read through these instructions carefully. Entries that do not follow the guidelines below may be deemed ineligible during the judging process.

Once you have read these instructions click here to go to the entry form.

STEP ONE: Select your category, remit payment, and enter your book details using our submission form here.
STEP TWO: Print out a copy of your emailed confirmation and include it in the shipment to the book receiving center.
STEP THREE: Ship four (4) copies of each book FOR EACH CATEGORY you have entered to:

Publishers Storage and Shipping
46 Development Road
Fitchburg, MA 01420

For example, if you enter one book into both the General and the American categories, you need to send eight copies of that book.
Special entries — First Book, books with 2017 copyrights, or revisions of previously published books:
Books entered in the First Book Category, those with a publication date extension, or any revised editions must be accompanied by a signed affidavit. Print out the affidavit and include the printed version with your book shipment.

Copyright Affidavit
Revised Edition Affidavit
First Book Affidavit

See below for more explanation of these special conditions.


Entry forms and fees must be submitted by FEBRUARY 15, 2019.
All books and supporting materials must be received by Publishers Storage and Shipping by FEBRUARY 22ND, 2019.


Early Bird- November 1st to January 3rd, 2019
The entry fee is $150 (US) per title, per category entered, payable by MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Books must be shipped pre-paid.

January 4th to February 15th, 2019
The entry fee is $200 (US) per title, per category entered, payable by MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Books must be shipped pre-paid.


The Cookbook Awards are open to both IACP members and non-members. New titles, revised editions, and e-books are all eligible subject to differing constraints, so please review the following instructions carefully.

Please note that entered books will not be returned and that IACP reserves the right to use all materials at their discretion following the awards program. Failure to follow any of the above instructions will automatically disqualify an entry.

New Titles

Any new book on food or beverages first published in English between November 25, 2017 and November 24, 2018 is eligible for the 2018 awards program. Please note that books and all materials, must be received in house by February 22nd, 2018.
 Books with a 2017 copyright date which were not available for entry in the 2018 awards program by last year’s deadline (November 24 2017) are eligible for the 2019 awards program, provided they are accompanied by an IACP 2017 Copyright Affidavit Form to verify that the book was not deliverable prior to the 2018 program deadline.

Bilingual books are accepted if they meet all eligibility requirements, with the understanding that they are judged only on their English content. Both hard- and soft-cover books are eligible. Boxed sets are judged as a single entry if the books are sold only as a set. If books are available individually, a separate entry form and fee must accompany each book entered in the awards program.


A single book title may be entered into multiple categories, as appropriate. See category descriptions for more details. IACP retains the right to advise the publisher/author if a book is entered in an inappropriate category, and may recommend a more appropriate category or categories where the book may be more competitive. However, the final category selection is the responsibility of the publisher/author.

Revised Editions
If the entered book is a revised edition, the majority of the reissue must be new and four (4) copies of the edition prior to the current revision must accompany the entry. Revised edition entries must also be accompanied by the IACP Revised Edition Affidavit  to verify that more than 50% of the revised edition copy is new.

First Book Entries

Books entered in the First Book category (The Julia Child Award) must be accompanied by the IACP First Book Affidavit. This form must be completed by all named authors attesting to the fact they have not previously authored, co-authored, or significantly contributed to a food- or beverage-related book. Should a question arise regarding an entry, the entrant agrees by his/her signature to submit any documentation deemed necessary for review. Inability to provide this documentation will disqualify a book for entry in this category.


E-Books are not eligible for this year’s awards program.

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