Any IACP member may nominate a culinary-related work for the Culinary Classics Book Awards. Nominated books must have been published at least five years ago, but no earlier than 1945. Additionally, they must have both (1) significantly altered the way we think about food and (2) contributed in a meaningful way to the field of culinary literature. Books that are dedicated to any food-related subject; document or interpret a cuisine, culinary tradition, or history; or convey an important culinary sensibility or vision are eligible. No entry fee is required.

How to submit your nomination

The IACP membership at large will also be invited to suggest books to be considered for nomination to the Culinary Classics Book Awards through an online submission process:

1) Fill out a short online form containing the information on your nomination.

2) Submit a thoughtful summary (200 words) of the attributes of the book. This summary should address:

What special contribution has the title made to culinary literature? How has this book changed the way we eat, cook, or think about food?

Examples include:

  • The work’s contribution to the literature and/or its social or  historical impact.
  • The accuracy or value of the information; the soundness of the research and ideas presented in the work.
  • The soundness and usefulness of recipes and their hednotes  (for all books containing these elements).
  • The literary and/or artistic merits of the work.
  • The work’s effectiveness in teaching, conveying a vision, and/or  documenting a culinary tradition or history.

How to Submit

Complete an entry form (tbd).

For questions:

Please email

Submission Deadline

Entry forms must be received by TBD..

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