Judging Procedures

Digital Media Awards Committee and Judges

A carefully selected committee of culinary professionals, including food writers, online publishers, web designers, established bloggers, authors, audio and video veterans, web designers, photographers, and social media and technology experts, evaluates entries against a list of criteria detailed for each award category.


The judging process is completed with each judge separately evaluating all entries within their assigned categories. Results are tallied at a central headquarters and the finalists are posted online prior to the awards ceremony.

Other important policies and procedures related to the  judging process include:

1. Entries will be checked by the Chair/Chair-in-training for completeness and timeliness. All eligible entries will then be submitted to each member of the Digital Media Awards committee within their respective category.

2. The Committee members will review the nominees and score each by electronic ballots.

3. The top three in each category will be selected as finalists.

4. The highest scoring entry in each category will be selected as the winner.

5. Judges are expected to inform the Chair/Chair-in-Training should they encounter a submission that is a conflict of interest based on works they have contributed to, or organization/affiliations they are partnered with.

6. The Committee may decide not to present an award in any category.
Decisions of the Digital Media Committee are final.

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