Judging Procedures

Entries will be checked for publication date (for personal un-published work, entrants will sign an affidavit). All eligible entries will then be submitted to the Food Photography Awards Committee (Chair, Co-chair, and judges).

The judges will rate all images by assigning points to each on a ballot. Each judge will also provide comments on their top three images for each of the five categories. Those scores will be tabulated and the top three in each category shall be the nominees.

The judges will then deliberate (via conference call, if a face-to-face meeting is not possible), using best practices for a juried contest, to select one overall winner per category.

The Chair and Co-chair will not judge; they will serve to ensure the integrity of the judging process and to be a liaison between judges, entrants, and IACP staff.

The Committee may decide not to present an award in any category. Decisions of the Food Photography Awards Committee are final.

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