2019 IACP Conference: Santa Fe, NM

Purchase your pass to our 41st annual food professionals conference now.

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41st Annual IACP Conference | Santa Fe, NM | May 16-19, 2019

Passes to 2019 IACP annual conference are on sale now at www.conference.iacp.com! Be inspired, connect with, and learn from some of America’s most renowned culinary leaders, from Danny Meyer and Nathan Myhrvold to Deborah Madison and Jessica Harris, Nik Sharma to John Birdsall, Danielle Nierenberg to Lois Ellen Frank, all in magical Santa Fe. Eat your way through a food tour arranged by Edible Santa Fe, attend a cooking demo at chef Martin Rios’ restaurant, learn the history of chiles with Maricel Presilla, see how to go beyond hands and pans videos, and hear about the impact of the LGBTQ community on food culture.

Our conference will be held at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center.  Find out more about our annual conference here. Make sure you’re a current member of IACP in order to buy your ticket.

What does a ticket to IACP conference bring you?

  • Industry connections. Meet hundreds of food professionals working in your field and get advice, job leads, and questions answered. Many of our attendees have met their agent, publisher, editor, or long-time collaborator at an IACP conference.
  • Professional development. Each year IACP brings attendees the latest information on cookbook publishing, social media trends, influencer strategy, food photography and styling, food writing, culinary trends, recipe development, food activism, and much more. You can walk away from an IACP conference with new, concrete skills that are directly applicable to your career.
  • Inspiration. Our keynote presentations, regional food tours, and evening events are designed to excite and inspire you, and bring you fresh stories, recipes, and ideas to share with your audience.

Questions about our conference? Contact info@iacp.com.



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