IACP Member Profile: Anna Voloshyna

IACP Member Profile

Meet Anna Voloshyna, a new IACP member and food photographer based in the Bay Area. Learn more about her culinary background, her inspirations, and her goals for this year.

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Tell us about your culinary background – what inspired you to become a culinary professional?  My culinary journey began when my husband bought me my first Jamie Oliver cookbook. It was an absolutely magical moment when I realized that food could be the way to express the whole specter of wonderful feelings and emotions such as creativity, passion, and love for people. I became so excited about making new dishes, experimenting with different recipes, and bringing people together so that they could share their culture and heritage through food. A great joy came to my life with cooking, and when we moved to the US from Ukraine, I decided to give it a chance to become something more than just a hobby and started my food blog which eventually gave a big push to my food photography career. Now I work with a lot of San Francisco chefs and restaurants and host bimonthly pop-up dinners.

Who do you consider to be your culinary role model? There so many people whom I admire and who inspire me every single day. But if I had to pick only two, that would be Jamie Oliver and Dominique Crenn. I love their approach to cooking and willingness to give back and share their talent and knowledge with the world.

What brought you to IACP? What are you looking forward to taking part in as an IACP member? I’m convinced that the best way to grow is to surround yourself with the best people that share your passion and values. At IACP I hope to find a supportive community culinary of professionals that are willing to help each other grow and collaborate on amazing projects.

What culinary projects are you working on currently? Currently, I’m working on my first cookbook about San Francisco chefs. It’s an incredible journey, and I enjoy every second of it.

Tell us a bit about your professional goals for the next several years – what projects would you like to accomplish? Right now my biggest goal is to create a beautiful cookbook which will tell a story about San Francisco culinary scene and the people who make it so unique and beautiful.

Ingredient that we’ll always find in your kitchen? I think soy sauce is the one! It has such an incredible flavor, and you can use it to add some extra depth of flavor to a countless number of dishes.

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