IACP Member Profile: John Galang

IACP Member Profile

John Galang
is a new IACP member and a food stylist based in Los Angeles. Learn a bit more about his culinary background, his inspirations, and his career goals for the next few years. Want to join IACP? Click here to learn more about membership.

Tell us about your culinary background – what inspired you to become a culinary professional?  I’ve been cooking professionally for almost 10 years now. The first two years of my career working at a couple of restaurant in Hollywood is where I learned how to put my head down and just grind. Learning how to say yes to everything even when you are in the weeds, you make things happen.

Following the closing of the restaurants I had worked in, I had accepted a position as a culinary assistant for a celebrity chef on his cooking shows which helped jump start my career in the media side of the business. There I learned how to prepare for cooking shows, edit and test recipes, and food style. I fell in love with food Styling. Romanticizing ingredients, showing how beautiful a simple dish can be. That’s what I wanted to do for a living.

Jumping from projects to projects from working with the Food Network, styling multiple cookbooks, testing recipes, and working with a variety of cooking shows throughout the years, I have been lucky enough to meet new people every single day doing what I love.

Who do you consider to be your culinary role model? I consider my grandmother as my culinary role model. Ever since I could remember, my grandmother would always cook delicious feasts for family and friends which inspired me to cook the way I cook today.

What brought you to IACP? What are you looking forward to taking part in as an IACP member? I joined the IACP to expand my network and see what’s out there. I’m definitely looking forward to getting to know more of the people here and expand my network and see how everyone works.

What culinary projects are you working on currently? As a freelance food stylist, I try to stay busy as often as possible so I jump from projects to projects. I just finished working with Miller Lite and Thrillist as a part of their summer grilling campaign where I worked closely with the celebrity chef to style the food as well as doing the hands portion of the shoot. My project that I’m super proud of just got picked up for a third season on the Cooking Channel so we’ll be filming those episodes this summer. My smaller projects in between the bigger ones are doing photo shoots for a new local business in Los Angeles, as well as doing shoots for South Beach Diet, IHOP, and El Pollo Loco.

Tell us a bit about your professional goals for the next several years – what projects would you like to accomplish? My goals for the next several years is to just be as busy as I can be. I’d love to do more cookbook projects in the next several years.

Ingredient that we’ll always find in your kitchen? You’ll always find Keffir Lime leaves in my kitchen.

Follow him on Instagram at @johnanthonygalang, check out his website, or get in touch with him through the IACP member directory.

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