Whether you’re new to the business or a culinary veteran, an IACP membership is an essential tool for staying connected, competitive and empowered in today’s culinary world. Core membership comes with a host of exciting benefits. These include:

Dynamic Programming: Our annual conference, and monthly webinars feature the biggest names in the industry from Ruth Reichl to Michael Twitty, Tejal Rao, Dorie Greenspan, and many more. Join us in the kitchen and online for classes that will sharpen your skills in a host of areas from recipe development to writing a successful cookbook proposal.

Learning Library: Members have complete access to recordings from past IACP programs and conferences.

Networking: Whether it’s at our annual conference, a festival, or online summit, networking with the industry’s who’s who is a singular benefit.

Professional Interest Sections: Members can participate in any of our three professional interest sections: Cooking Schools & Teachers, Food & Health Experts, and Food Writers, Editors, & Publishers.

You can choose one of four different levels to find the best membership that suits you. Whether you choose a monthly or annual payment, signing up takes less than a minute! And, we have lowered membership fees to make IACP more affordable, accessible, and inclusive for a greater pool of food professionals.

Student/New Professional

Those in school or only in the field for two years. Members may only stay at this level for two years. Honor system! $75 per year, or $7.99 per month.


An individual whose primary business is in the culinary arts or other culinary-related business. $199 per year, or $19 per month.


Employees of corporations that produce or promote food, beverage, or related products, services, or communications. $250 per year, or $25 per month.


An individual who has been a member for at least 10 consecutive years, who is retired, and who is over 60 years old. $90 per year, or $10 per month.

Any questions? Reach out to membershipiacp@iacp.com