IACP Leadership Change Announcement and Executive Search

As we look back on IACP’s 40th year, it’s clear that the organization continues to play an important role in nurturing and furthering members’ professional development. IACP serves as a “big tent” for culinary communicators, where members can meet and learn from culinary icons, enrich their professional networks, and learn skills critical to their careers. IACP’s stature within the culinary industry has been strengthened as a result of thoughtful strategic and operational work within the organization.

Much of this work over the past 5 years has been helmed by our CEO, Martha Holmberg. She’s played an integral role in our continued evolution, elevating the organization’s standing in the industry, attracting leading voices in the culinary world, and bringing new members to the table. Martha has been with the organization as a member for two decades and many of you who know her understand that she dually embodies the organization’s core values as well as its promising future.

After many years of dedicated service to IACP and its members, Martha has decided to step down from her position. While I’m saddened to share this news, I want to assure all of our members that Martha, the Board, and IACP staff are committed to a smooth transition. Martha will retain her position until a new Executive Director is fully in-place and up-to-speed.

We’re now beginning a search for a replacement to lead the organization as Executive Director. The new Executive Director will be the face of the organization to the membership and the wider culinary world. The position offers an unparalleled opportunity to shape IACP’s future, and play a leading role in the culinary landscape.

As part of this search, the Board invites qualified candidates from within and outside IACP to apply. We are looking for applicants who have held previous business leadership positions, have proven expertise growing small companies, and have had event production experience. Candidates need to demonstrate strong marketing, communication, and sales acumen, along with an ability to think strategically and work with the Board in charting a path for IACP’s future.

If you are interested in applying, please follow our application process:

STEP 1: Please review the Executive Director search packet by clicking here. The packet includes a full job description as well as specific criteria necessary for success in this position. Thoroughly review the search packet to ensure you understand the needs and requirements.

STEP 2: As part of the Executive Director search, each applicant must include specific examples from their professional career, including skills and experiences that make them well-suited to serve as Executive Director. Please fill out the required worksheet, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

STEP 3: Submit your resume and completed worksheet to ben@iacp.com. Ben Jennings will be the main point of contact for submissions as well as questions about the Executive Director search.

Please note that we’ll be accepting applications until September 1, but applications will be reviewed as they are submitted. The Board will be interviewing candidates on a rolling basis, so please submit your application materials as soon as possible. The Board also welcomes you to share this opportunity with you network, so please pass this on to qualified prospects.

While transitions undoubtedly come with challenges, they also open us to new opportunities for growth. And they remind us that IACP is more than just one person. We are all IACP, and the community is made stronger by the contributions, enthusiasm, and energy of each of our members.

I’ve personally worked with Martha since my first year on the Board. I can’t express enough my gratitude for the work she’s done to get the organization to this point. And I’m excited to be opening this new chapter in IACP’s future, one in which we can bring new ideas and perspectives to the table to better serve our members.


Adam Salamone
Chairman of the IACP Board

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