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Q: What is the IACP Speaker Series?

A: The Speaker Series is a webinar f program that IACP hosts throughout the calendar year. Session speakers cover a diverse range of topics, from publishing your first cookbook to building and promoting a website. In addition to the informative presentations, you’ll  have the opporutnity to connect directly with the session speaker for one-on-one discussion. Since this program is exclusively online, you can join from anywhere in the world with either your computer or telephone.

Q: When is the Speaker Series held?

A: The Speaker Series program is usually held on Wednesdays between 12pm – 1pm Eastern Time ( U.S.A.). We try to host at least two sessions a month, and some months may have as many as one per week. Check the Upcoming Speaker Series page for the most current information on sessions.

Q: Do I have to be an IACP member to participate in the Speaker Series?

A: No. IACP now allows non-members to register for a seat to any session free of charge. Remember, access to the library of archived sessions is still exclusive to IACP members. Please consider joining IACP so you can get the most out of this growing program!

Q: What devices and requirements will allow me to connect to the webinar session?

A:  Our GoToWebinar platform works with desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices. To ensure your device meets the minimum requirements, please visit this page.

Q: I registered for a session, but now it is telling me the session is full. What do I do?

A:  Our goal is to have as many people on a session as possible, for this reason, we allow more people to register than we have seats available. This is because there are always some attrition for each session and we want to ensure those seats are available to others. If you attempt to access the session and find that the room is full you can always access the telephone only session by following the instructions in your registration email. The only difference between the telephone and computer session is that the telephone session will not allow you to see the presentation on screen or ask a question using the webinar console. If accessing using the telephone only option, you can review the presentation materials in the archives gallery after the session or ask a question by emailing shani@iacp.com.

Q: How do I ask questions or send comments to the speaker or moderator during a session?

A: As you can imagine we recieve many questions during each session. In an effort to streamline the program and ensure we get through as many questions as possible, we require questions and comments to be sent using the webinar control panel’s “Questions” drop down. Simply type in your question and the moderator will try to get it to the speaker. You may also email your question directly to shani@iacp.com before or during the session and she will pass the information along to the moderator. Those joining by telephone will not have a way to access the webinar control panel and must email questions to shani@iacp.com.

Q: How long does it take to join a session?

A: In general, you can connect to a session in less than one minute. Occasionally, our webinar service will need to download some software onto your computer so you can access the session. If you are new to the GoToWebinar service or do not recall downloading software in the past, please join 5 minutes early to allow your computer time to load the information.

Q: How do I resolve my audio issues?

A: If you are having trouble with the audio on your webinar session, please visit this page for troubleshooting tips from GoToWebinar. If they persist, you can contact a technical assistant by calling (855) 352-9002.

Q: I can’t join / start / connect to the Speaker Series Webinar. What can I do next?

A: There are certain requirements your device must meet in order to use the webinar service. If you are having issues, a simple restart of your machine will typically allow you to gain entry. If you are still having trouble with the software, please review this page for details on how to resolve most connectivity issues.

IACP staff is unable to connect directly to your machine to determine the specific issue you may be having getting onto GoToWebinar. If reviewing this page does not resolve your issues, you may call in directly to GoToWebinar and have a technical agent work with you to get you on the program. GoToWebinar technical assistance can be reached by dialing (855) 352-9002.

Q: Can I contact the speaker one-on-one after the webinar?

A: Sometimes our speakers will share their contact information with those that have participated on a session through an exclusive IACP Connect opportunity. You can feel free to reach out to them directly using that information (an e-blast will also be sent around with the contact information in case you missed it on the session or were tuned in by phone).

Q: Can I share the archived recordings on my site, blog or with non-members?

A: Our archived materials are for exclusive use on IACP.com by current members. Please do not re-distribute, share or post this material.

Q: Can I become a speaker or suggest a topic for future webinars?

A: Yes! Please fill out our topic form to suggested a future session. Otherwise, if you would like to be the speaker of an event, please fill out this form and the committee will review your proposal. Note: not every topic or speaker is accepted. If you have questions or wish to have some guidance from the Education Committee, please email shani@iacp.com and she will put you in touch with the Chair.