Boss of Me: Kristina Gill & Nicole Taylor

The Freelance Life

Learn what it takes to go full-time freelance and what you should know before you take the leap.

What does it take to go full-time freelance? What about balancing a full-time job with a freelance gig on the side? How do you work through the rough patches on your own and what should you know before you take the leap? Hear from Nicole Taylor, a Brooklyn-based freelance multimedia storyteller and cookbook author, and Kristina Gill, who balances a full-time job in Rome with work as a photographer and as the food editor at

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About Our Speakers:

Kristina Gill is a Rome-based humanitarian adviser focused on food assistance. She is also food editor at and photographer. She is the co-author and photographer of Tasting Rome, which won the IACP Award for Best International Cookbook in 2017. She is from Nashville, Tennessee and is a graduate of Stanford University and Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.  




Nicole A. Taylor, born in Athens, Georgia is a multimedia storyteller based in Brooklyn, New York. She hosted Hot Grease, a food culture podcast, and is the principal of NAT Media. She has contributed to Food & Wine, Esquire, Good Company, Epicurious, The New York Times, Edible Manhattan and Saveur. Her cookbook (Up South) has been featured in The New York Times, Ebony Magazine, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and New Republic. (Photo:  Lade Ademu-John)


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