Building a Successful Consulting Business That Stands Out from the Rest

sue and Christine

For those of us with more than a few years of experience in the food space under our belts, translating that expertise into a consulting company can be an exciting next step in our careers. Christine Muhlke, who previously served as the executive editor of Bon Appetit, and Sue Chan, who was the brand director of Momofuku, took that leap. Hear about how they transferred their knowledge from a staff job to a consulting one and how to build a business that stands out in the noise of other consultants and firms.

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Sue S. Chan is the Founder of Care of Chan, a communications and event production agency specializing in connecting creative ideas in hospitality to the rest of the world. Previously, Sue was the Brand mentorship, and community.Director of Momofuku for seven years. After graduating from Barnard College, she worked in external relations for the Food Bank For New York City, a hunger relief organization that feeds over a quarter of a million New Yorkers a day. Sue is also the co-founder of Toklas Society, a not-for-profit group for women in food and hospitality to find inspiration, mentorship, and community. She has been named one of Marie Claire magazine’s “Fresh Faces in Food.”

Christine Muhlke is the editor at large at Bon Appetit and the founder of Bureau X food consultancy. She has co-authored books with Eric Ripert, David Kinch, and Eric Werner of Hartwood Tulum.



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