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Food expertise and the ability to write a clear and compelling sentence are not as common as IACP members might think, and some people are willing to pay (and pay well) to have someone write about food for their companies. In this exceptionally useful recording, IACP members Kate Leahy and Molly Watson cover how culinary knowledge and writing skills can translate to writing work beyond magazines, newspapers, and editorial websites. Learn how to leverage your skills to steer marketing firms, ad agencies, or food brands in the right direction.

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Meet Kate Leahy
Kate Leahy is a writer and recipe developer. She is the co-author of seven cookbooks, including A16 Food + Wine, an IACP Cookbook of the Year, Cookie Love, and, most recently, Burma Superstar. She also works with brands such as Sunsweet on content creation.

Meet Molly Watson
Molly Watson is a writer, editor, and content maven in San Francisco. She’s written everything from recipes to essays to label copy. As a content consultant she’s named products and services, written audio and video scripts for companies, spearheaded social media campaigns for product launches, and re-vamped sales-y marketing copy into compelling, shareable content. She worked as the content director at Munchery for a spell and recently served as the editor of food and nutrition content for MyFitnessPal. She’s also the author of “Bowls!” and “Greens + Grains,” both from Chronicle Books.

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