Developing Content Around Generational Food Trends

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Melissa Abbott

Join us for an exciting Speaker Series recording that discusses generational food trends! Learn about some of the key trends of Gen Z and Boomers while understanding how those preferences impact the marketing of goods and services within those demographics. Regardless of your culinary background, find out what interesting culinary content and concepts you should be incorporating in your work and cuisine. Melissa Abbott, Vice President Hartman Retainer Services and Culinary Insights will answer your questions during this informative Speaker Series feature.

Check out the recording:

Melissa Abbott has been tracking key trends in the health, wellness, food and retail industries for over twenty years, focusing on re-energizing brands and identifying growth opportunities. She has extensive experience in ethnographic research and is a retail culinary expert. Among the first to analyze the European soy foods sector and evolving natural/organic products consumer in the UK, Melissa has developed a deep understanding of retail & cultural trends in her consultations with a variety of companies including both CPG companies and retailers. She has appeared on The Food Network and currently manages Worldview, Hartman’s subscription program and resource for all things pertaining to the Culture of Food.

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