If I Instagram My Latte, Can I Write It Off? Tax Solutions for Culinary Professionals


Is my kitchen a home office? Can I write off my groceries? Are knives and pans deductible? Will the IRS subsidize my wine habit? If you’re a food writer or culinary professional, particularly a freelancer, your work and your life are intertwined. So, how do you decide what’s a business deduction and what’s just a family meal? Let a 17-year tax professional and fellow food writer take the confusion and stress out of taxes, and help you pay less.

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Disclaimer: This is intended as general and necessarily simplified information based on Steve Hoffman’s experience as a tax preparer. The tax code is very complex and everyone’s situation is different. None of what he says should be taken as specific tax advice for a particular individual, but rather general guidelines to be discussed with an advisor familiar with your unique circumstances.

Steve Hoffman is a weirdly passionate tax preparer, and an award-winning food writer, with work anthologized in the last four editions of Best American Food Writing. When not impersonating a French villager in the Languedoc, he shares one acre on Turtle Lake, in Shoreview, Minnesota with his family, a neurotic puggle, and roughly 80,000 honeybees.

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