How to Make Your Food Photos Stand Out in a Photo Saturated World

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We’ve all perused foodgawker, eyeing the endless stream of perfectly styled lemon bars, risottos, and smoothies, perhaps feeling just a bit jealous that our own food photos aren’t quite up to snuff. How does everyone’s lettuce look so crisp? Are we doomed to steaks looking gray on camera forever? Not to fear! Nicole James, part of the foodgawker editorial and social media team, chatted with us about how you can up your photo game and get on the site. Learn what they love (and hate) in a photo, how to improve your photos with some basic tricks (no fancy lens required!), and other key tips to getting featured on the very best food porn site out there.

Check out the presentation:

Nicole James is a creative Californian currently living in Houston, Texas. As a “master of creative chaos,” maker and portrait photographer, she lives the arts and crafts lifestyle. Nicole studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and became a gawkerverse team member in 2009. Her years of experience at foodgawker have honed her expertise in social media, customer service and content management.


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