Rocking the Solo Game: How to Self-Publish Your Next Cookbook

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The opportunity to publish one’s own work has never been more accessible than it is today. In this session, two author/publishers share how they published their recent cookbooks, the successes and challenges they faced, and practical advice for those who are considering going out on their own for their next cookbook. You’ll gain a realistic view into what it takes to successfully launch an independent cookbook project, specific advice for finding collaborators, funding, vendors, distribution, and other key resources, and plenty of inspiration to bring your own cookbook concept to fruition.

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Kathy Strahs is the author of The Lemonade Stand Cookbook, The 8×8 Cookbook, and The Ultimate Panini Press Cookbook, and the voice behind the blogs and She founded Burnt Cheese Press, a food-focused independent publishing company, in 2015.

Emily Kaiser Thelin is a writer, editor, former restaurant cook and author of Unforgettable: The Bold Flavors of Paula Wolfert’s Renegade Life. A two-time finalist for James Beard awards, and a former editor at Food & Wine, her work has also appeared in Oprah, Dwell, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post.


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