Single Subject Cookbooks: Does Your Topic Have What it Takes?

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Single subject cookbooks focused on an ingredient, topic, or technique have never been more attractive to publishers or audiences. Listen to  authors Peter Meehan and Mary-Frances Heck as they discuss how to discern if a topic has what it takes to be a hit. Get an inside scoop on single subject cookbook production, ways to approach writing and recipe development, and learn about the back-end differences between book treatments, from pamphlet to tome.

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Peter Meehan writes about food. You may know him from such food-writing exploits as Lucky Peach magazine or covering inexpensive restaurants for the the New York Times. He has also written cookbooks, though none are as focused as Mary-Frances Heck’s Sweet Potatoes.



Mary-Frances Heck is the Senior Food Editor of Food & Wine, where she oversees recipes for the magazine and edits stories about food and cooking. She is the author of Sweet Potatoes and her writing and recipes have appeared in numerous cookbooks, Lucky Peach, Cooking Light, and The Wall St. Journal, among others.


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