A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming an Influencer

Social Media

If you have a social media following, newsletter subscribers, or blog readers, companies want you to influence your followers about their brand. In this session we’ll pull back the curtain to show how the process works: learn how to connect with these brands, what they’ll expect, how much you can make, and how to work with multiple clients (conflict of interest: the struggle is real). See how the process of becoming an influencer works (seriously, we’re pulling back the curtain—it’s as much who you know as how many followers you have).

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Molly Yeh is the author of Molly on the Range, one of New York Times’ top fall cookbook releases of 2016. She is also the creator of the food blog, my name is yeh, which was Saveur’s 2015 Blog of the Year and Yahoo’s 2014 Food Blog of the Year. She lives on a sugar beet farm in the upper Midwest. Find her on Instagram @mollyyeh

Chadwick Boyd regularly appears on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and cable networks, like Food Network and Lifetime, sharing delicious food, musings and entertaining tips with millions of viewers. Chadwick was a featured guest on the PBS special, Heirloom Meals, updating heritage recipes for the modern cook, and just appeared on The Kitchen. Chadwick has one mission…to change the world for good through food and words for millions of people. He has been in the consumer food and storytelling world for 24 years.

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