How to Write Maps and Roundups Well — And Why That Matters

On Writing

Looking to become a regular contributor to a site you love to read? Maps, lists, and roundups give writers the opportunity to boost credibility by writing in a publication’s voice and showing your fact-checks are flawless — more rare than you’d think — leading the way to meatier assignments from editors. These posts also offer opportunities to touch base with a multitude of restaurant and purveyor sources on a regular basis, ensuring you as a freelancer become a go-to for businesses to report updates like chef changes, closings, expansions, and more food-focused pieces. Learn from two talented editors and writers how to do justice to these pieces and parlay them into larger assignments.  

Check out this great recording below:

Sara Ventierais a roaming eater and traveler who looks for amusing stories across the United States. She works from New York, Los Angeles and various places in between, covering agriculture, food trends, international cuisine and other random topics of interest (think dogs and the national parks). Her work has appeared in the Village Voice, New York Daily News, BBC Travel, Zagat, Miami New Times, Paste Magazine and more.

Melissa McCart is the restaurant critic for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, having just returned to the position after being in New York with Eater NY and Newsday on Long Island. She has written for Saveur, Eater National, Gourmet, The Washington Post, and more. Among her favorite pursuits is hunting down the next bowl of noodles.

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