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IACP staff and partners work from virtual offices all over North America. Consider this team your go-to resource for any questions about membership, conference, webinars, or anything else IACP-related.

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IACP’s Mission

To empower, educate, and engage culinary professionals around the globe.

In 1978, a group of cooking school owners and instructors, including Bill Rice and Nathalie Dupree, came together for mutual professional support. They created the IACP (formerly named the Association of Cooking Schools), and in the process, they laid a foundation for food culture in America and beyond. Early members included Julia Child, Jacques Pépin, and Anne Willan, among many others.

Through the decades, IACP’s membership has expanded to include writers, photographers, stylists, bloggers, marketers, nutritionists, chefs, restaurateurs, culinary tour operators, artisan food producers, and academia (and surely more). The member categories continue to grow as our dynamic industry evolves, which is a boon as the multi-disciplinary nature of our community is key to its vibrancy.

IACP is a unique community, a crossroads where members meet to share experiences and expertise, advice and support, in ways that lead to unparalleled growth and professional success.

Tanya Steel IACP

Tanya Steel

Executive Director & CEO

A global food leader, Tanya is an award-winning journalist, editor, and writer. Learn more at tanyasteel.com

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Merri Lee Kingsly

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development.

The former publisher of Saveur, Merri has worked at Bon Appetit, trained at the CIA, and has a successful consultancy.

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Devra Ferst

Devra Ferst

Director of Conference Content & Planning

Devra is a freelance writer, cooking teacher, and editor

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Paola Briseño Gonzalez

Paola Briseño González

Director of Awards and Culinary Events

A native of Puerto Vallarta, Paola studied food anthropology and has classical culinary training; she organizes food festivals and is a personal chef.

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Rachel Waynberg

Rachel Waynberg

Director, Strategic Partnerships, Marketing & Business Development

Rachel is a renowned marketing and events specialist and has run her own innovative marketing firm for more than a decade.


Jeff Seay, Founder, Seay Accounting & Consulting, LLC

Staff Financial Advisor

Responsible for IACP's annual audit.


Charlie Jones, Marshall, Jones, & Company

Partner Bookkeeping Services

Responsible for bookkeeping and accounting, including billing, collections, payroll processing, and monthly financial reporting.